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Grand Design Floors lists all of our pricing details online, because we believe in transparency. Our customers enjoy great customer service, benefit from our long-time expertise in the flooring industry, and always receive an honest buying experience.

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Install carpet Per Yard Per ft2
Install on wood or concrete $6.00 $0.67
Pattern Carpet $6.50-$7.50 $0.72-0.84
Wool or High End $9.00 $1.00
>Regular Strairs no stringer $8.00 Per $8.00 Per
Regular Stairs with stringer $10.00 Per $10.00 Per
Pie Shaped Stairs $15.00 Per $15.00 Per
Full Wrapped Stair $25.00 Per $25.00 Per
Carpet Base $1.25 Lineal Foot $1.25 Lineal Foot
Ripout No Disposal $2.00 $0.22
Ripout With Disposal $2.70 $0.30
Ripout Glue Down With Disposal $3.15 $0.35
Minimum Charge $300 $300
Set of Stairs only, not fully wrapped $300 $300


Install Lino Per Yard Per ft2
Install $12.00 $1.34
Float Floor $3.50 per Coat $0.38
Sub Floor (Install And Supply) $50.00 Per Sheet $50.00 Per Sheet
Stairs Include Vinyl Nosing $20.00 Per Stair $20.00 Per Stair
Toe Kicks $2.00 Per Lineal Foot $2.00 Per Lineal Foot
Toilets and Pedestal Sinks R/R $75.00 Per $75.00 Per


Install Hardwood Per Yard Per Square Foot
Install $2,75
Drop Lock Engineered Floating $2.00
Thresholds (Undercutting) Free Free
Stairs $110-$140 $110-$140
Tailored Sides $25.00 Each $25.00 Each
Mouldings $3.00 Lineal Foot $3.00 Lineal Foot
Drop Lock Engineered Staple $2.50


Laminate/Cork/Vinyl/Plank Per Yard Per ft2
Install Laminate-Cork-Vinyl Plank $2.00 Per Square Foot $2.00
Thresholds (Undercutting) Free Free
Stairs Normal $40.00 Each $40.00 Each
Removal $1.00 Per Square Foot $1.00
Mouldings $3.00 Lineal Foot $3.00 Lineal Foot


Install Ceramic Tile Per Yard Per ft2
Install Floor  — $5.00
Slate  — $6.00
Dura and Nafco  — $2.50
Remove, Hammer and Grind Floor  — $4.00
Walls  — $6.00
Back Splash  — $8.00
Specialty Tiles As Quoted As Quoted
Stairs (Sub Floor Included) $75.00 Per Stair $75.00 Per Stair
Tile Base/Kicks $3.00 Per Lineal Foot $3.00 Per Lineal Foot
Minimum Charge $350.00 $350.00

*Prices are for basic installation and may be subject to change depending on project scope. Please contact us for more details.

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