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Hardwood floors are hard to replicate or explain the smooth surface underneath your feet, the strength, the beauty, all of them are part of hardwood’s allure. They can add beauty to a home, but are also substantially easier to clean than carpet. Properly maintained, a hardwood floor adds a lasting impression and will do so for many years into the future.

Wood is a smart investment. There is no depreciation on a hardwood floor. In fact, it usually increases the resale value of a home. Real wood floors offer beauty for a lifetime – or longer! Every day, people continue to walk on wood floors that are as old as the building the wooden floors are in. Carpet is replaced 3 to 6 times before most solid wood floors ever need repair.

Wood is a natural product in a diverse selection of colors and grain patterns. Who hasn’t marveled at the beauty of a home with a fine wood floor? It’s in our nature to love trees to harvest them and to replant them. Wood is a part of our lives and our homes. There are more choices now than ever before, and a hardwood floor for every taste.

Wood is the easiest floor to clean, requiring far less chemicals. With only a swivel mop and sometimes a spray bottle, I can clean my hardwood floor in less than half the time it takes to vacuum, scrub or shampoo other floor coverings. Hardwood doesn’t trap dust and fumes, like carpet and doesn’t grow mold in the grout like tile, so fewer chemicals are needed.


Install Hardwood Per Yard Per Square Foot
Install $2,75
Drop Lock Engineered Floating $2.00
Thresholds (Undercutting) Free Free
Stairs $110-$140 $110-$140
Tailored Sides $25.00 Each $25.00 Each
Mouldings $3.00 Lineal Foot $3.00 Lineal Foot
Drop Lock Engineered Staple $2.50

*Prices are for basic installation and may be subject to change depending on project scope. Please contact us for more details.

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