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Grand Design Flooring – Calgary’s Flooring Specialists, knows that choosing carpet is an investment that will outlive many of the decorating changes within your home, for years to come, and is still the floor covering of choice for the majority of consumers in North America. Your floor represents your “fifth wall” and as the largest uninterrupted block of color and design, it represents an important decorating decision.

Before you decide to go for carpet as your preference for your floor, you should ask yourself some basic questions that will help you get the best type of carpet for your requirements:

  • Will it be in a formal or informal area?
  • How much traffic will move over the carpet?
  • Will it be near an entrance where dirt can come in?
  • How will the carpet fit your décor?
  • What kind of look or feel do you want for the room?
  • Is air quality a concern? Look for carpet that is approved by The Carpet and Rug Institute for air quality.

Choose types of fiber and types of carpet based on your use requirements.

We offer Cut, Level Loop Pile (including Berber), Cut and Loop Pile, and Multi-Level Loop Pile among several others.


Install carpet Per Yard Per ft2
Install on wood or concrete $6.00 $0.67
Pattern Carpet $6.50-$7.50 $0.72-0.84
Wool or High End $9.00 $1.00
Regular Stairs no stringer $8.00 Per $8.00 Per
Regular Stairs with stringer $10.00 Per $10.00 Per
Pie Shaped Stairs $15.00 Per $15.00 Per
Full Wrapped Stair $25.00 Per $25.00 Per
Carpet Base $1.25 Lineal Foot $1.25 Lineal Foot
Ripout No Disposal $2.00 $0.22
Ripout With Disposal $2.70 $0.30
Ripout Glue Down With Disposal $3.15 $0.35
Minimum Charge $300 $300
Set of Stairs only, not fully wrapped $300 $300

We are the Calgary Flooring Specialists.

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